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    SaurHeads News — dinosaur christmas sweaters

    How the "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" Came About

    How the

    The Ugly Christmas Sweater has become one of the most ubiquitous features in this holiday season. In fact, the demand for Ugly Christmas Sweaters increases during the Christmas season. That’s mainly because the National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day falls on December 18th. A variety of parties are being organized along with this day and people are encouraged to wear the most awfully festive sweaters that they own. What exactly is this Ugly Christmas Sweater? What has made is so popular? It’s the high time to figure out answers for these questions.

    By definition, an Ugly Christmas Sweater can simply be defined as a type of a sweater that is associated with a Christmas theme. Usually, this type of a sweater is considered to be gaudy, tacky and in bad state. These sweaters have been there in the world for a large period of time, but they became trendy in the recent years. In fact, it has become a Christmas trend, which would not go away for the next few decades.

    It is somewhat difficult to pinpoint how the concept behind Ugly Christmas Sweater came into this world. But we can believe that Ugly Christmas Sweaters are associated to the knitting patterns of snowy pines, which was popular back in 1950s. The tradition continued since then, but it didn’t become popular until the commercialization of Christmas began. The introduction of Jingle Bell sweaters created an ideal platform for the popularity of Ugly Christmas Sweater. It took place back in 1980s. The Jingle Bell sweaters were perceived to be fashionable when they were initially introduced. Moreover, the popularity of “The Cosby Show”, which was one of the best TV shows at that time, helped this garment to gain recognition in all parts of the world. This was a trend-setting garment and soon celebrities started wearing it. Along with this trend, the popularity of Ugly Christmas Sweaters increased gradually throughout 1980s and 1990s.

    The first ever Ugly Christmas Sweater party was held back in 2002. It was organized in Vancouver, British Colombia. This party concept soon became popular in other parts of North America as well. As a result, Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd made necessary arrangements to make “Ugly Christmas Sweater” a trademark. The other prominent figures who contributed towards the popularity of Ugly Christmas Sweater include Kevin Wool, Adam Paulson and Brian Miller.

    If you are invited for a Ugly Christmas Sweater party, you don’t need to worry about anything because you can easily purchase a Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater from SaurHeads. We have tons of dinosaur apparels and dinosaur clothings in stocks. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to purchase a one. It can definitely spice up your holiday season and give you the opportunity to enjoy this holiday.

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    Christmas Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for Christmas ideas? Or something fun to wear? Our dinosaur ugly Christmas sweater makes great gifts for anyone. Outfits for the whole family and choose matching sweaters for you and your partner. Some people give these sweaters on Christmas day, so everyone can wear ugly sweaters at the same time. This makes for great photo ops! Others gift the sweaters to friends or loved ones before December 25th, in order to give the recipients a chance to wear them frequently during the days leading up to Christmas day.

    No matter how you decide to give these dinosaur sweaters to others, you'll find that doing so is a great way to ensure that someone has something silly and humorous to wear during this special time of the year.

    To find these dinosaur ugly Christmas sweaters online, just visit SaurHeads for a great selection. These SaurHead designs are made to look bad. However, they are also really cozy and you'll find that they offer a nice layer of protection against the elements.

    Now that you know more about these ugly Christmas sweaters, you'll be ready to choose one for yourself or someone else. When you do purchase these sweaters, you definitely won't be disappointed. They are just as ugly in person as they are on your computer screen or smart phone. As well, they are well-made, so you'll access plenty of value for the money. Once you've got your sweater, you can wear it in order to express yourself during the winter holidays. It'll be a real conversation piece!

    Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater

    Dinosaur Ugly Christmas Sweater

    If you want to make a real impression during the upcoming winter holiday season, you should know that choosing the right ugly Christmas sweater will be the key to making other people laugh! Wearing something truly ugly is pretty hilarious. If you're interested in attending an ugly Christmas sweater party or some other festive events, you should know that choosing SaurHead sweaters will be a smart strategy.

    SaurHeads is very reputable and highly-rated and it offers some "so bad they are good" ugly Christmas sweaters which feature dinosaur motifs, as well as holiday-themed design elements. Dinosaur ugly Christmas sweaters are easy to find online, so ordering your favorite (or a bunch of dinosaur sweaters) will be a great way to add a bit of lighthearted fun to your look. Ugly dinosaur Christmas sweaters definitely stand out and they are affordable, so you won't need to bust your budget in order to purchase one.